About Our Products


Coffee Candles were designed with the consumer in mind from pleasant scents to reusable mugs to clean-burning soy-blend wax.

Sweet Annie

Our Scents & Mugs

Although our name embraces coffee, there many more scents we use to fill a room. Our proprietary blends are one-of-a-kind and bring a wonderful aroma to any space you put our candle in. Some staple scents we offer are Sweet Annie - a sweet scent of amber - and Oakmoss + Amber - a scent attractive to both masculine and feminine tastes. Each season, we release scents special to the season. Sometimes we shake it up and bring in something new and sometimes we offer a special blend that’s inspiring us that season.


Our Classic Mug (seen above) is a nod to the classic style we all know and love with a simple label etched into it.

Our Camp Mug (seen in our Fireside candle) is a metal/ceramic mug designed for looks as well as utility. Once you’re done with the candle, clean the wax and the mug can be placed over a fire to warm up water, coffee, or tea while enjoying the wilderness.

Our Hand-thrown Mug (a favorite) is hand-thrown in Waco, Texas and designed to be warm and homey.


Environmentally Friendly


Coffee Candles were designed with the environment in mind. We asked how we can lower the impact we have on landfills and the answer was simple - put our candles in a reusable coffee mug.

Along with a reusable mug, our wicks are made of wood providing a unique and satisfying sound resembling a wood-burning fire as they crackle and pop while they burn.

Soy-based wax is the new standard these days. No longer do you have to deal with the (literal) headaches of heavily scented candles releasing potentially toxic chemicals into the room with your loved ones.


Our candles burn nice and slow with a burn time of 35-40 hours. You’ll enjoy your favorite scent for many days to come.